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Oripura Laptop Stand

Perfect for creating an ergonomic workstation, the Oripura Laptop Stand makes it easier to work remotely or in an open office environment. Lightweight and with a thin profile, it unfolds into an optimal position, with no adjustments or tools required. When it’s time to move, Oripura folds up effortlessly and can be stowed in your laptop sleeve, desk drawer, or even hung on a wall. Non-slip rubber grips along the sides and bottom keep laptops stable, and protect desk surfaces from damage.

  • Opens to optimal position and instantly provides a more comfortable work experience.
  • Enables use of a separate keyboard and mouse, reducing eye and back strain even more.
  • Lightweight, portable, foldable, and compact when collapsed.
  • Integrated cable slots help keep busy desks neat and tidy.
  • The raised angle and open design encourage good airflow to prevent laptop overheating.
  • Suitable for laptops with 11″–16″ screen size, and weighing up to 6.2lbs.


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Oripura Laptop Stand
Oripura Laptop Stand
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