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OPTX AVP Tour Game Volleyball

Gifting a OPTX AVP Tour Game Volleyball is an excellent choice for someone who loves beach volleyball. The breakthrough design of the ball uses strategic color variance and Optic Flow graphics to enhance the human eye’s ability to detect spin on the ball, making it easier to track in diverse beach environments like clouds, sky, sand, water and crowds.

Additionally, this ball is designed with the same construction as the original AVP game ball which provides signature Wilson performance that any player will appreciate. Therefore, gifting a OPTX AVP Tour Game Volleyball ensures they can experience beach volleyball like never before!

  • Enhance your ability to read and react to the game with VST™ (visual spin technology)
  • Easily track the ball with vibrant color palette and Optic Flow graphics
  • Signature Wilson performance with same construction as original AVP game ball
  • See the game like never before with OPTX AVP Volleyball


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OPTX AVP Tour Game Volleyball
OPTX AVP Tour Game Volleyball
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