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Off-Road Monster Remote Control Truck

Take your RC car adventures to the next level with this Off-Road Monster Remote Control Truck! With wound wire coils acting as 2-pole electromagnets, you can hit speeds of up to 31 MPH.

This waterproof remote control truck is built to withstand rugged surfaces and offers a comfortable grip and long range handing of up to 250ft. It’s powered by lithium rechargeable batteries for 40 mins of juice, making it the perfect choice for any off-road adventure.

Whether you’re steering on sand, concrete, or just going rogue, this monster truck is sure to deliver adrenalin-fueled fun – the ultimate gift for teenage boys, girls, guys and more!

  • Reach Maximum speeds of 31 mph (50 kmh)
  • Comes with two rechargeable batteries for double the fun
  • Rugged design is perfect for any terrain and any driver level
  • Durable materials and reinforced chassis design built to last


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Off-Road Monster Remote Control Truck
Off-Road Monster Remote Control Truck
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