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Musical LED Twinkle Star

Make bedtime stories come to life with the Musical LED Twinkle Star! This adorable star-shaped pillow features a built-in speaker and soft glowing lights that create a soothing atmosphere. Have your little one drift off to sleep with their favorite lullabies, or listen to calming nature sounds.

The Twinkle Star is perfect for lighting up dark rooms, setting the mood for cozy story time, and providing comfort and security while your child drifts off into dreamland.

Get ready to make magical memories with your own twinkling musical star!

  • A comforting and fun friend for children to sleep with at night.
  • Soft and durable material to ensure safety for kids.
  • Hanging rope for easy placement in the nursery.
  • Ten different songs to soothe your child before bedtime.


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Musical LED Twinkle Star
Musical LED Twinkle Star


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