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Mueller Pro-Series All-in-One

The Mueller Pro-Series All-in-One is an ideal gift for those in the home kitchen, as it combines a chopper, mandoline slicer and spiralizer into one convenient device.

With its 12-blade options, this tool makes meal preparation quick and easy while saving precious time. The three different-sized chopper blades along with five interchangeable blades make cutting, slicing, julienning, grating and shredding a breeze.

In addition to being incredibly functional and versatile in the kitchen, the All-in-One also looks sleek and modern – making it not only practical but stylish too!

  • Premium materials for safety and durability
  • 12 diverse blades for maximum functionality
  • Easy to clean and store for convenience
  • Quick and easy setup to save time in the kitchen


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Mueller Pro-Series All-in-One
Mueller Pro-Series All-in-One


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