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MOKOQI Acrylic Shot Glasses Dispenser

Gifting a MOKOQI Acrylic Shot Glasses Dispenser is an excellent way to surprise someone special and make their party memorable. This 6 shot dispenser holds up to 6 shot glasses fulled in one pour, making it quick and easy to get the party started right away.

The acrylic material used in construction is not fragile, safe to use, has no smell and is easy to clean. It’s also great for large parties as it significantly reduces the amount of time needed for pouring shots.

With this gift, anyone can quickly enjoy their favorite drinks with friends while having fun at college graduations, family gatherings, baby showers, desserts bars, restaurants or night clubs – the possibilities are endless!

  • Quick and easy way to start the party
  • Reduces time spent pouring shots
  • Great for large groups of people
  • Fun gift for friends and family


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MOKOQI Acrylic Shot Glasses Dispenser
MOKOQI Acrylic Shot Glasses Dispenser
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