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Moi Et Toi Engagement Ring

The Moi Et Toi Engagement Ring is a beautiful and meaningful gift idea for your special someone.

The term ‘moi et toi’ symbolizes the timeless love story between two people, making this ring a perfect representation of your relationship.

It’s also custom-made to order with natural brilliant cut pear-shaped diamonds and 1-carat radiant cut natural sapphire in the metal of your choice, giving you the opportunity to personalize it even further. This makes it an extra special and unique gift that will be treasured for years to come.

  • Uniquely designed custom-made moi et toi engagement ring
  • Symbol of love and partnership throughout history
  • High-quality natural diamonds and sapphire set in a choice of gold
  • Perfect gift that will last forever to show your special someone how much you care


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Moi Et Toi Engagement Ring
Moi Et Toi Engagement Ring


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