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Miyabi Birchwood Nakiri Knife

Upgrade your kitchen game with the Miyabi Birchwood Nakiri Knife. This traditional Japanese-style vegetable cleaver features a unique blade shape that’s perfect for slicing, dicing, and mincing vegetables, herbs, and fruits with ease.

The D-shape of its natural Masur birch handle ensures a comfortable grip and tireless cutting power, making this knife an essential tool in any kitchen.

  • Hand-finished by experienced artisans for superior quality
  • Unique Damascus pattern with genuine hamon edge for precision and retention
  • Carefully sharpened twice on whetstones and polished with a traditional leather wheel
  • Comfortable grip from a naturally beautiful Masur birch handle for easy handling


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Miyabi Birchwood Nakiri Knife
Miyabi Birchwood Nakiri Knife
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