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Miraculous Cat Noir Action Doll

A Miraculous Cat Noir Action Doll is an excellent gift for someone who loves the movie Miraculous Ladybug and its characters. The 10.5” doll comes dressed in a unique movie version of her superhero suit, complete with booties and a new yoyo accessory.

The unique collector package displays beautiful deep blue hues that represent the Paris night sky as well as a detailed die-cut design inspired by the ornate Parisian staircase featured in the movie’s Grand Ball scene. Not only does this make an exciting gift to unwrap, but it also offers hours of imaginative playtime for children or adults alike.

  • Experience the world of Ladybug’s “Miraculous Heroez”
  • Transform into Cat Noir and create your own adventures
  • 10.5” Cat Noir Doll comes dressed in iconic black superhero outfit with accessories
  • 15 points of articulation for action-packed superhero posing


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Miraculous Cat Noir Action Doll
Miraculous Cat Noir Action Doll


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