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Mind Bodhi Toe Separators

Gifting a Mind Bodhi Toe Separator to someone is a great way to show your care and concern for their feet health. Not only do the toe separators gently correct and restore the natural shape of toes and feet, but they also provide relief from bunions and relax tense muscles in the toes.

Furthermore, it can give your toes a good stretch which can feel intense at first, so encouraging someone to start slow with them allows them time to ease into them. This makes Mind Bodhi Toe Separators an ideal gift for those who need some extra TLC for their feet!

  • Quick and gentle correction of toes for a more natural shape
  • Relief from bunions and tense muscles in your toes
  • Activewear design so you can wear them while walking or lounging around
  • High quality 100% medical grade gel, BPA free, and easy to clean


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Mind Bodhi Toe Separators
Mind Bodhi Toe Separators


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