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MiM USA Hercules Ex

Get the ultimate workout with the MiM USA Hercules Ex – the all-in-one strength exercise solution. With a lifetime warranty on its sturdy frame, you will be able to get fit and stay fit for years to come.

Featuring an adjustable weight bench, a power cage, vertical leg press, dip & chin up station, Jammer arms and a full gym set of accessories; this Commercial Multi-Function Gym Combo Smith Machine has it all. Achieve optimal results faster than ever before with its solid-weight rod, hard chrome plated sleeves, barbells and lat bars.

Plus, storage options include straight and curl bars as well as standard and Olympic bar storage. So don’t hesitate – take your workouts to the next level today with

  • Maximum efficiency with over 300 different exercises
  • Variety of functions and exercises for a complete body workout
  • Built-in storage for barbells, weight plates, and cable attachments
  • Safe and super sturdy machine for 24/7 workouts by different exercisers


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MiM USA Hercules Ex
MiM USA Hercules Ex


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