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Marlo Laz Mini Open Heart

Show your love with the Marlo Laz Mini Open Heart. Crafted with care and attention, this stunning jewelry piece is made from 14-karat gold and features a border of white diamonds to provide extra strength and sparkle.

A perfect way to say “I Love You”, or to celebrate a special occasion – this timeless classic will be treasured for years to come

. Each unique piece is handcrafted in Manhattan with love, making it an unforgettable gift that will bring joy and happiness wherever it goes.

  • Hand-cast from 14-karat gold for extra strength and durability
  • Intricate design with a border of white diamonds for an added sparkle
  • A perfect gift for yourself or a loved one to mark an occasion or just because
  • Made in the USA with love.


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Marlo Laz Mini Open Heart
Marlo Laz Mini Open Heart


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