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Makeblock mBot Neo

Unleash your child’s creativity and curiosity with Makeblock mBot Neo, the ultimate STEM robot for kids ages 8-12. With three stages of building, cognition, and creating, this programmable robot allows children to learn scratch and python programming, electronics assembling, robotics knowledge and computer science in an intuitive way. Perfect for enhancing hand-eye coordination, concentration, logical thinking, and creativity from building to playing.

Take it up a notch with additional functions such as voice control – where your child can command it to move forward or dance -and piano music module in the app to help them learn how to play. Makeblock mBot Neo is a perfect companion that encourages learning while having fun!

  • Connects to the Internet for an immersive coding experience
  • Easy to assemble with a simple structure
  • Includes advanced sensors and modules for more complex coding projects
  • Perfect educational gift for any occasion to help kids learn about robotics and programming


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Makeblock mBot Neo
Makeblock mBot Neo
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