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MagMini 6-in-1 Charge Station

The MagMini 6-in-1 Charge Station is the perfect all-in-one solution for powering your devices. With three wireless charging spots, one magnetic floating charging stand, an Apple Watch stand in the back, and a versatile Qi wireless charging spot at the base for your Qi compatible earbuds, you can charge up to four devices simultaneously from a single outlet without any of the clutter. Plus, it doubles as a bedside lamp with two brightness levels and convenient touch controls. Get ready to experience ultimate convenience with this cleverly designed device!

  • Securely hold your iPhone 12 or 13 in portrait or landscape mode
  • Comes with a MagSafe metal ring to adapt to non-MagSafe phone cases
  • Includes 3 wireless charging spots and 1 USB port for universal compatibility
  • Built-in lamp with 2 dimmable brightness levels and 25W max output for convenience


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MagMini 6-in-1 Charge Station
MagMini 6-in-1 Charge Station
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