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Love-A-Lot Bear

Love-A-Lot Bear is an irresistibly sweet and cuddly Care Bear made for sharing, caring, and lots of love! She’s the perfect companion for kids who need a hug and want to show their love. With her plush pink fur and adorable two-heart tummy symbol, she’ll make any room brighter with her warm embrace. Her collectible size makes her easy to bring along on adventures so you can share the power of love wherever you go!

  • Collectible cuddly toys that are perfect for hugging
  • Soft and huggable material that is safe for children of all ages
  • Colorful plush toys with happy smiling faces and engaging eyes
  • Ideal gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc. to bring fun and joy to children everywhere!


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Love-A-Lot Bear
Love-A-Lot Bear
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