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Lotus Leaf Wall Clock

The Countryside Lotus Leaf Wall Clock is the perfect gift for any home, especially those looking to add a unique touch of tranquility and beauty.

With its creative design inspired by nature, the clock will bring a calming atmosphere to any room. The silent movement ensures peacefulness, while the 14-inch size makes it an attractive focal point on your wall.

Furthermore, the fun swinging pendulum and built-in night light offer additional charm and functionality to your living space that can be enjoyed day or night.

  • Unique design inspired by the beauty of nature for a tranquil atmosphere in your home
  • 14-inch size makes it a focal point on your wall
  • Silent movement and built-in night light for added charm and functionality
  • Swinging pendulum adds a fun touch to your living room decor


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Lotus Leaf Wall Clock
Lotus Leaf Wall Clock
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