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Logitech POP Wireless Mouse

Giving a Logitech POP Wireless Mouse is the perfect way to make a statement with its bold color combination of black, grey and arcade game yellow. This compact and comfortable mouse offers up to 24-month battery life, making it ideal for both work or leisure use.

SilentTouch Technology ensures whisper-quiet working while the SmartWheel shifts from high-precision tracking to speed scroll mode with one flick, making it great for scrolling through long documents.

With an added bonus of having a magic middle button that opens up a menu of emojis for use in chats, plus being able to create your own shortcuts using Logitech Software (Windows and macOS only), this wireless mouse is sure to be well received by any recipient!

  • Visually striking with bold color combination
  • Long battery life of up to 24 months
  • Quiet and precise tracking for smooth scrolling
  • Easy to use shortcut and emoji features for chats


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Logitech POP Wireless Mouse
Logitech POP Wireless Mouse
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