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Live Mini Olive Tree

This Live Mini Olive Tree is perfect for indoor enjoyment, and makes a lasting alternative to cut blooms. It arrives wrapped for gift-giving in natural burlap tied with a fabric ribbon. Planted in the ground, this hardy evergreen can grow up to 25′ tall and last for centuries.

  • 20″–24″ tree arrives in planting pot wrapped in burlap and tied with ribbon.
  • Grows up to 8′ high in a pot or up to 25′ high in the ground (can be controlled with pruning).
  • Requires sunny location (up to full sun).
  • Self-pollinating tree produces 3/4″ diam. olives and small white flower clusters.
  • Grown in USA.
  • Agricultural regulations prohibit shipment to CA, AZ.


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Live Mini Olive Tree
Live Mini Olive Tree
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