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Light-up Ant Farm Terrarium Kit

The Light-up Ant Farm Terrarium Kit is the perfect way to bring the wonders of nature into your home. Featuring a unique, light-up gel habitat, this kit allows you to watch harvester ants dig intricate tunnels and explore their environment from the comfort of your own home. Plus, enjoy a relaxing glow as they burrow through the bright blue space-age gel that lights up when you turn on the lights!

With this kit, you can get an up close and personal look at how these amazing creatures work – it’s science made fun.

  • Learn about ants in a fun and engaging way
  • 16-page learning book full of cool, scientific information
  • Perfect STEM project for individual play or group activity
  • Encourages a love for science and paleontology in an exciting way


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Light-up Ant Farm Terrarium Kit
Light-up Ant Farm Terrarium Kit
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