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LEGO Titanic

Gifting someone a LEGO Titanic set is a great way to show your appreciation for their interest in history and technology.

Not only will they be able to build this impressive replica of the iconic ship, but they can also explore its grand staircase, boiler room, smoking lounge, bridge, promenade deck and swimming pool in detail.

Additionally, with adjustable tension lines between the masts and turning propellers that cause the piston engines inside to turn as well, it makes for an interactive experience that no one can resist.

Plus, with the included stand and nameplate for display purposes, you’re sure to make an impression when gifting someone a LEGO Titanic set.

  • A unique and thoughtful gift idea for any history or adventure lover
  • Over 1,500 pieces to build an exact replica of the famous Titanic ship
  • Includes four mini-figures for greater realism and detail
  • Also includes a stand and nameplate for easy display in any room


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LEGO Titanic
LEGO Titanic
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