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LEGO Nightmare Shark Ship

Gifting the LEGO DREAMZzz Nightmare Shark Ship is the perfect way to provide someone with hours of imaginative play and fun. The set offers two different building experiences, allowing kids to choose from ship mode or tank mode for double the playtime.

Nightmare Shark ShipAdditionally, they can immerse themselves in story-led building instructions, while recreating their favorite scenes from the popular DREAMZzz TV show. With this set being suitable for ages 10+ and up, it makes an excellent gift that will keep them engaged, entertained and creative for a long time!

  • Includes Mateo, Izzie, Nova and the Nightmare King.
  • Ship mode has sails and tank mode has flying eyeballs.
  • Comes with an opening jaw, a treasure chest and a cage.


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LEGO Nightmare Shark Ship
LEGO Nightmare Shark Ship
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