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LEGO NASA Mars Rover Perseverance

Gifting a LEGO NASA Mars Rover Perseverance set is a great way to give someone an unforgettable adventure that’s out of this world.

This amazing model captures the looks and features of the original rover and its companion helicopter, Ingenuity.

Kids can explore the 360° steering and movable arms, while discovering intuitive instructions in the LEGO Builder app where they can zoom in and rotate models in 3D.

Furthermore, with the AR app kids can learn more about NASA’s mission to Mars. Not only does this set provide hours of fun, but also helps spark curiosity for science and exploration.

  • Intuitive LEGO Technic set modeled on NASA’s Mars Rover Perseverance
  • Includes detailed features for kids to explore and learn about the mission
  • Travel across uneven surfaces with 360° steering and movable arms
  • Utilize the LEGO Builder app with intuitive instructions and 3D rotating models



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LEGO NASA Mars Rover Perseverance
LEGO NASA Mars Rover Perseverance
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