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LEGO Iconic Chess Set

The LEGO Iconic Chess Set is an ideal gift for anyone who loves to play chess and checkers.

It comes with classic LEGO bricks that can be used to build a chess board, as well as all the playing pieces needed for both games. This makes it perfect for taking and playing wherever you go, since all the pieces store conveniently inside the board when not in use.

With this set, your gift recipient will have everything they need to enjoy hours of fun playing both chess and checkers – making it a great choice for any occasion or celebration!

  • Discover the game of chess or sharpen your skills with this buildable board and pieces
  • Fun for all ages – includes instructions to play both chess and checkers
  • Compact design for easy storage – board opens to store all pieces inside
  • Over 1,400 pieces included for hours of enjoyment


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LEGO Iconic Chess Set
LEGO Iconic Chess Set
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