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Leather Chain Cross-body Strap

The Leather Chain Cross-body Strap in Black and Champagne Gold is an ideal gift for anyone who loves to carry their phone or other items around with them.

The strap features a rotatable round carabiner that can be hooked onto things in any direction, making it incredibly versatile. Additionally, the strap works with almost all full coverage cases and CASETiFY cases (except for certain models), meaning that no matter what type of phone they have, this strap will fit perfectly.

This makes it a great gift idea as it can be used by people regardless of the device they own. Additionally, its on-trend style makes it an attractive accessory that will look great with any outfit.

  • Safe and secure strap that won’t damage your phone
  • Waterproof material with chlorine and mineral-resistant properties
  • Keeps your phone safe from infants and children
  • Easy to install and compatible with all full coverage cases


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Leather Chain Cross-body Strap
Leather Chain Cross-body Strap
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