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Laumière Gourmet Fruits

At Laumière Gourmet Fruits are sourced from the finest growers around the world and are hand-selected to ensure only the best make it to your door.

Our figs with caramelized pistachio are a perfect balance of crisp and soft. Our apricot medley is a soft yet crunchy offering combining marzipan, dates, and almonds. Our fruit & nut cake is a delicious treat made with caramelized pecans, almond paste, and dates. And our date with candied orange peel is a delectable combination of rich flavors.

  •  Expertly dried fruits reverberate throughout the food industry.
  •  A more natural route that is more likely to fill you with satisfaction.
  •  Accessible to everyone for gift giving, celebrating, or simply for self-indulgence.
  •  Exceptionally crafted treats.


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Laumière Gourmet Fruits
Laumière Gourmet Fruits


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