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Lady Emblem – Eau de Parfum

Enter the world of Lady Emblem, an elegant and captivating fragrance crafted for the modern woman. Feel the power of a floral bouquet in every spritz.

Experience top notes such as sake, pink pepper, and juicy pink grapefruit perfectly blended to capture your attention. Inhale the heart of voluptuous jasmine, precious petal Rose Essential™, and pomegranate for a bittersweet fruity touch.

Finally, be enchanted by the drydown featuring creamy sandalwood and warm amber illuminated by musk crystals that make up a dazzling signature scent.

Step into luxury with Lady Emblem – Eau de Parfum!

  • Universal synonym of elegance and femininity
  • Sparkling blend of sake, pink pepper and juicy pink grapefruit
  • Bouquet faceted around voluptuous jasmine notes with precious fresh petal rose essential
  • Creamy sandalwood, warm amber notes and musk crystals for a dazzling signature


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Lady Emblem – Eau de Parfum
Lady Emblem – Eau de Parfum
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