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Knipschildt Rose Collection – 12 Pieces

Indulge in the ultimate luxury with Knipschildt’s Rose Collection. Featuring twelve exquisite bonbons, each handcrafted with premium Fair Trade organic ingredients and infused with rosé from a Danish winery. The dark chocolate shells are filled with a creamy ganache that’s balanced perfectly by a touch of acidity from the wine, then painted by hand for an extra special presentation.

These artisanal treats make a stunning gift – perfect for showing your appreciation or treating yourself to something truly decadent!

  • Delicious, handcrafted treats made with premium, organic ingredients
  • Unique flavor combinations that balance sweetness and acidity
  • Artisanal bonbons painted by hand for a special touch
  • Gift-ready packaging featuring a handmade box for easy gifting


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Knipschildt Rose Collection – 12 Pieces
Knipschildt Rose Collection – 12 Pieces
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