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KIWI Comfort Battery Head Strap

Play as you like with the KIWI Comfort Battery head strap for long-lasting power. It’s compatible with Quest 2. Better counterbalance and soft thickened cushion pad to release the pressure on your head. It’s extremely convenient for glasses-wearing players and VR game developers. Built-in 6400mAh industrial-rank high energy density battery, it triples your playtime and provides you with lasting uninterrupted immersive gameplay

  • 52° Flippable hinge, easy to wear and take off
  • Customized cable managment
  • Pad is soft like a cloud, it supports your head like snuggling into a pillow
  • Softer spin sound than the standard version, to provide you better user experience
  • Adopts high-density polymer material, and tested over 10,000 times bending, it’s extremely durable and flexible


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KIWI Comfort Battery Head Strap
KIWI Comfort Battery Head Strap
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