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KidKraft White Vintage Play Kitchen

Gifting a KidKraft White Vintage Play Kitchen to someone is an ideal way to provide them with hours of imaginative fun. It’s the perfect gift for young chefs who love to emulate what they see their parents doing in the kitchen, featuring knobs that turn and doors that open so they can explore and learn.

The white color also allows for easy personalization, while the removable sink is easy to clean. Plus, its durable wooden design ensures it can stand up to even the most enthusiastic imaginations. All these features make it an ideal gift for encouraging creative play while teaching children about cooking and food preparation in a safe environment.

  • Hours of fun and imaginative playtime for your children
  • Colorful, durable wooden design to fit any décor
  • Realistic stainless-steel-look fixtures, knobs to turn, and doors to open
  • Removable sink is easy to clean and phone for taking important calls!


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KidKraft White Vintage Play Kitchen
KidKraft White Vintage Play Kitchen
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