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Kiddietotes Ladybug Backpack

The Kiddietotes Ladybug Backpack is the perfect gift for any child. Not only is it lightweight and comfortable with adjustable straps, but it also comes with two roomy interior pockets to store items and a nylon back panel for extra durability.

The top handle makes it easy for kids to hang up, and thanks to its small size they can easily carry it around during day trips or outdoor activities. It’s also waterproof, Earth-friendly, PVC-free, BPA-free and has an ultra strong zipper that won’t break after repeated use.

Additionally, the Ladybug Backpack is easy to spot clean both inside and out – making it ideal for sleepovers, weekend trips, play dates or school.

  • Lightweight and comfortable for kids to carry
  • Two roomy interior pockets for storing items
  • Waterproof and earth-friendly materials that are safe to use
  • Ultra strong zipper with ABS iron grips for durability


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Kiddietotes Ladybug Backpack
Kiddietotes Ladybug Backpack
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