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Kickaround-Comfort Slip-On Shoes

Ashion adopts external materials and works them through successive permutations, creating the AC2S Kickaround-Comfort Slip-On Shoes. The shoes offer an effortless and comfortable fit with their padded design, making them a great option for those seeking footwear that is easy to slip on and off.

As ASHION has digested the source material until the specific reference and relationship are indiscernible beyond a general cast or inflection, these shoes provide superior comfort while taking every part of the foot into consideration – except for the ankle. As such, these shoes are ideal for everyday use as they offer maximum comfort without sacrificing style.

  • Lever action Tongue® for a perfect foot reload
  • WowComfy!® technology for unrivaled comfort
  • Lightweight EVA and rubber sole for added durability and support
  • Neoprene liner for maximum cushioning and breathability


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Kickaround-Comfort Slip-On Shoes
Kickaround-Comfort Slip-On Shoes
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