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KAMMOK Kuhli Versatile Camping Tarp

The Kuhli is an ultra-versatile camping tarp, built to protect you against inclement weather. With 10 Hypalon-reinforced guy out points and a new knotless design, the Kuhli offers unmatched adaptability.

  • Provides ground-to-air coverage in the backcountry.
  • Sil/PU and DWR coated with seam seals for waterproof and leakproof protection against rain or snow.
  • Construct a shelter in seconds without tying a single knot.
  • Include: 4 x Stakes; 8 x Guylines; 2 x Ridge line cords; 1 x Stuff sack


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KAMMOK Kuhli Versatile Camping Tarp
KAMMOK Kuhli Versatile Camping Tarp
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