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Juice Bracelet – Wearable Powerbank

The Juice Bracelet is a wearable powerbank that can charge your phone on the move in addition to being a stylish accessory. It boasts an ergonomic design that fits comfortably on your wrist and is thinner than a smartwatch. Juice Bracelet will complement any outfit thanks to its streamlined and understated style while giving your phone up to 50% more battery life.

  • Say goodbye to low battery anxiety with the Juice Bracelet
  • Enjoy a lightweight and stylish design that’s thinner than a smart watch
  • Compliment any outfit with its minimalistic design
  • Join us in the fight against bulky powerbanks and enjoy the only wearable charging option available on the market


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Juice Bracelet – Wearable Powerbank
Juice Bracelet – Wearable Powerbank
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