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Jiobit – GPS Tracker

Jiobit is an innovative GPS tracker that helps you keep track of your loved one’s location, inside and outside. With next-gen low-power 5G connectivity and advanced beaconing technology, it uses a combination of cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to offer real-time tracking.

It’s water resistant, durable and discreet; with encryption and security technologies trusted by federal government customers, law enforcement professionals, and thousands of families.

The Jiobit app (available on iOS & Android) helps deliver the right information at the right time for complete peace of mind – custom geofencing for real-time notifications when your loved one enters or leaves specific areas as well as remote audio monitoring so you can hear what’s happening around them.

  • Powerful 7-10 day battery life that is ideal for those with sensitivity issues
  • Advanced beacon technology to provide the best accuracy, range, and battery life
  • Custom trusted places alerts to be aware of any unexpected detours
  • Unmatched security, encryption, and privacy to ensure your loved one’s data is secure


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Jiobit – GPS Tracker
Jiobit – GPS Tracker


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