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Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm

Say goodbye to neck strain and desk clutter with the Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm. This sturdy, adjustable arm supports two screens – or a laptop tray and one monitor – side by side, so you can create your own custom workspace. The independent adjustment of each arm gives you an ergonomic setup that’s designed to fit your posture perfectly.

Free up valuable desk space and keep your spine in its natural alignment for maximum comfort throughout the day. With the Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm, you can finally reach peak productivity from the comfort of your own home office.

  • Get two monitors or a monitor and laptop side by side
  • Fully adjustable arms with 360-degree swivel rotation
  • Cable management system keeps cords organized
  • Holds up to 19 lbs of weight, with 17 lbs max for the laptop tray


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Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm
Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm
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