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Introduction to Hang Gliding in Georgia

Introducing the ultimate hang gliding experience – an introduction to hang gliding in Georgia!

Get ready for a thrilling and exciting journey as you take your first steps into the world of hang gliding. With our package, you will get fitted with your own personal glider and receive instruction from experienced instructors who will run alongside you during your runs off a small hill. You’ll even get to feel the lift of 5-10 feet off the ground! Afterward, head straight to your tandem flight portion located only ten minutes away from the training hills.

So don’t wait – book now and discover how amazing it feels to soar through the skies on a hang glider!

  • 25 years of experience in teaching flight
  • Professional and certified teachers
  • Learn on 55 acres of pastureland with guidance from your instructor
  • Enjoy a tandem flight with spectacular views of the Tennessee Valley!


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Introduction to Hang Gliding in Georgia
Introduction to Hang Gliding in Georgia
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