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Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave

The Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave is the perfect place for your little ones to help Batman and Robin take down Gotham City’s bad guys.

This secret command center is equipped with all sorts of gadgetry, including a Batcomputer, secret walkways, a Batwing, an elevator, and a jail. Plus, there’s a launcher that lets young superheroes fire projectiles at approaching intruders.

And when Batman needs to race into Gotham City, just place him on his Batcycle and send him off to save the day.

  • Batcave is fully interactive with fun features for kids to enjoy
  • Includes Batman figure, Robin figure, flight suit, Batcycle & 3 projectiles
  • Download the free Imaginext Batcave app for even more fun
  • Compatible with iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5


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Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave
Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave


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