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HVOMO Pencil Pouch

Giving a HVOMO Pencil Pouch as a gift is an excellent choice because it is multifunctional, durable and stylish. Not only does this pouch have multiple compartments to fit all of your basic needs, but it can also be used for travel, school or office use.

It even works great as an art painting tool storage bag, perfect for keeping all of your brush tools safe and secure. And if you want to use it as a makeup bag, its large capacity can easily accommodate various items like eye shadow palettes, lipsticks and other small things.

Its bright colors will add some fun and vibrancy to any environment while helping make the work-day more enjoyable!

  • Multifunctional design, can be used as a travel case, tool pouch, make-up bag and more
  • Large capacity to store all your necessary items for office, school or home use
  • Great for storing art painting tools, make-up supplies and other small items
  • Bright colors to decorate your office environment and make


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HVOMO Pencil Pouch
HVOMO Pencil Pouch
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