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Hunnibi Honey Dispenser No Drip Glass

The Hunnibi Honey Dispenser No Drip Glass is a great way to store and dispense honey, syrup, or chocolate sauce without mess. It features a gravity-fed system that allows you to instantly release the liquid simply by pressing the handle. When you let go of the handle, it immediately stops with no drips or trails left behind.

The attractive honeycomb design makes it even more appealing while its light yet strong and durable material makes it highly reliable for long-term use. With this dispenser glass, you can have your favorite sauces ready in an instant without any hassle – making it an ideal giveaway item for anyone who loves sweet treats!

  • Keeps honey airtight and prevents clumping in tea, coffee and pancakes
  • Beautiful bee decor adds a touch of charm to any kitchen
  • A thoughtful and useful present for your family, friends or coworkers
  • Holds 1 cup (8 ounces) of honey, maple syrup, chocolate syrup or sugar


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Hunnibi Honey Dispenser No Drip Glass
Hunnibi Honey Dispenser No Drip Glass
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