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Hug Doug Spoon Saver

Tired of having your stirring utensils slip into pots while cooking? Annoyed with cleaning up messy spills on the counter after removing them? Look no further than Hug Doug!

This clever kitchen gadget will keep your spoon or spatula firmly in place while you stir, preventing it from slipping and allowing you to concentrate on making delicious meals. Made of flexible silicone, this spoon saver fits snugly around any size utensil and can also be used as a spoon rest when removed from the pot.

Get Hug Doug today and make cooking easier and more enjoyable!

  • Combines the functions of a spoon holder and a utensil rest in one gadget
  • Helps you keep your kitchen neat and clean
  • A fun and charming gift for cooking enthusiasts
  • Prevents messes and saves time needed to wipe up stains


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Hug Doug Spoon Saver
Hug Doug Spoon Saver
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