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Handmade Eames Miniature Lounge Chair

Introducing the Handmade Eames Miniature Lounge Chair, a handmade 1/12 scale version of the classic Eames Lounge Chair! Modeled in CAD and 3D printed most of the components with plant fiber/wood infused filament.

Stained and lacquer sealed the wood portions, plant fiber filament 3d printed the cushions, and produced and finished the hardware out of strengthened photopolymer resin.
Each unit is securely packaged for transit with custom designed mounts, 3D printed from recyclable materials.

  • securely packaged for transit
  • custom designed mounts
  • 3D printed from recyclable materials
  • handmade


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Handmade Eames Miniature Lounge Chair
Handmade Eames Miniature Lounge Chair


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