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Halloween Flip Pumpkin Octopus Doll

The Halloween Flip Pumpkin Octopus Doll is the perfect gift for any Halloween enthusiast. Combining the traditional pumpkin look with a unique twist, this plush gem is sure to delight anyone with its vibrant orange hue and fun flip feature.

Crafted with soft, plush materials, it’s twice the fun – a classic pumpkin on one side and an adorable octopus on the other. All in all, this doll offers a whimsical fusion of land and sea that will add spookiness to any home or setting during the season. It’s truly a memorable way to show your love for Halloween!

  • Perfect for setting the spooky Halloween mood
  • Whimsical twist with a quick flip of the pumpkin to an octopus
  • Soft plush materials make it a cuddly companion
  • Unique and eye-catching addition to any Halloween décor


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Halloween Flip Pumpkin Octopus Doll
Halloween Flip Pumpkin Octopus Doll
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