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H-AURORA Hoverboard

Step up your ride with the H-Aurora Hoverboard. This powerful, stylish hoverboard offers an electrifying experience that will set you apart from the crowd.

Its light-up body deck, illuminated rims and in-built Bluetooth speaker make it a real showstopper – perfect for cruising around town or showing off tricks at the skate park.

This sleek and stylish board features a light-up body deck, illuminated rims, and a powerful Bluetooth speaker.

Cruise through town in style and feel the freedom of riding this high-powered hoverboard. With its state-of-the-art design, you can expect smooth handling and reliable performance from your H-AURORA Hoverboard.

  • Light-up body deck and illuminated rims for a swaggy ride
  • UL 2271 Certified Firesafe batteries and fire-retardant casing for safety
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite tunes while cruising
  • Emulated car racing sounds



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H-AURORA Hoverboard
H-AURORA Hoverboard
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