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Gokart and Hummer Hoverboard Bundle

Get ready for a wild ride with the Gokart and Hummer Hoverboard Bundle. This epic bundle delivers a thrilling combination of cutting-edge technology and high-octane fun. Take your hoverboard experience to the next level with the included Gokart attachment, which transforms your board into an all-terrain go-kart. With its powerful motor and rugged tires, you can conquer any terrain you encounter. Plus, this bundle includes the Hummer Hoverboard – one of our most popular models featuring a sleek design, intuitive controls, and superior performance. With this bundle, you’ll be ready to race off in no time!

  • Quick Installation
  • Driving Control System
  • Anti-Vibrating Seat & Shock Absorber
  • Adjustable length & steering wheel


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Gokart and Hummer Hoverboard Bundle
Gokart and Hummer Hoverboard Bundle
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