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Glass Sculptural Pumpkin

Enjoy the beauty of fall all season long with this elegant glass sculptural pumpkin. Crafted from hand-blown glass, it features a stunning silhouette that reflects the light and creates an eye-catching display. The muted color palette is perfect for any décor style and offers a subtle seasonal touch to your home.

Place one or more along your dining table, entryway or living room for an effortless way to bring in autumn vibes. With its timeless design and classic shape, this pumpkin will remain a treasured part of your home’s decor for years to come.

  • Unique and elegant seasonal décor for your home
  • Amber luster gives a warm autumn hue to the clear glass
  • Hand-made craftsmanship for a high-quality product
  • Perfect addition to any room, from dining table to entryway or living room


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Glass Sculptural Pumpkin
Glass Sculptural Pumpkin
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