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Ginori 1735 Palazzo Centauro Trinket Box

Add a touch of Italian flair to your home with Ginori 1735’s Palazzo Centauro trinket box. With its subtle pastel tones and unique architecture, the Ginori 1735 Palazzo Centauro will be the perfect addition to any room or collection.

Start your own journey around the world with this charming trinket box. This special design brings together the eye of artist Luke Edward Hall and the craftsmanship of Italian ceramics maker Ginori 1735.

  • Uniquely crafted trinket boxes inspired by world-wide destinations
  • Artistic designs created by designer Luke Edward Hall
  • Elegant, high-quality pieces that are perfect for gift-giving
  • Showcase a memory of a favorite trip with a beautiful trinket box


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Ginori 1735 Palazzo Centauro Trinket Box
Ginori 1735 Palazzo Centauro Trinket Box
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