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Geoffrey Parker Poker Chip Set

Suit up and get ready to win big with Geoffrey Parker’s luxurious Poker Chip Set! Expertly crafted to order from Alligator leather, this exquisite attaché case is designed to impress. It comes complete with 600 professional clay poker chips and four decks of Bee playing cards, as well as a combination lock for added security.

Whether you’re hosting your friends for an evening of Texas Hold’em or simply want to show off your style while playing solitaire, this stunning set will elevate any game night.

Host your next poker game in luxurious style with this handsome Dauphine leather bound attachécase.

  • The case comes equipped with 600 professional clay poker chips, and four decks of ‘Bee’ playing cards in poker game size
  • The case features a combination lock to secure your chips and cards until ready to use and comes with a reinforced carry handle
  • 100% Leather
  • 100% metal


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Geoffrey Parker Poker Chip Set
Geoffrey Parker Poker Chip Set


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