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G-SHOCK MT-G Multi Color

The G-SHOCK MT-G Multi Color timepiece is an ideal gift for the person who appreciates the beauty of a quality watch.

The stainless steel bezel is treated with recrystallization and deep-layer hardening processes to give it strength and durability, and then a rainbow ion-plated (IP) coating is applied to make it even more unique.

The intricate finishing of this timepiece gives it an extraordinary level of detail that you won’t find in other watches. Not only does this beautiful timepiece look great, but its shock-resistant design makes it perfect for everyday wear as well.

  • Uniquely beautiful and mesmerizing dials
  • High-quality components with a polished finish
  • Subtle variations in crystal grain that create a unique look for each watch
  • A colorful, dynamic design inspired by the Aurora Borealis


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G-SHOCK MT-G Multi Color
G-SHOCK MT-G Multi Color


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