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G-SHOCK MR-G FROGMAN 30th Anniversary

The G-SHOCK MR-G FROGMAN 30th Anniversary is an excellent gift idea for any special occasion.

This limited edition timepiece celebrates two anniversaries – the 40th anniversary of G-SHOCK and the 30th anniversary of the FROGMAN model. It features a striking bracelet-type band in titanium, as well as a Dura Soft fluoro rubber band with a unique yellow color used for the original FROGMAN model.

The raised index marks are coated with a generous layer of glow-in-the-dark yellow paint, making them more visible underwater. Additionally, it comes with its own dedicated mounting tool to easily remove and replace side pins while pressing buttons on the lugs’ undersides.

  • Air-tight with ISO 200-meter water resistance for superior durability
  • Unique asymmetrical design and screw-lock case back make a statement
  • Crafted with titanium for luxe MR-G quality
  • DLC coating and original FROGMAN design for a timeless look


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G-SHOCK MR-G FROGMAN 30th Anniversary
G-SHOCK MR-G FROGMAN 30th Anniversary


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