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Fogging Skull Pile

Giving a Fogging Skull Pile as a gift is the perfect way to make any Halloween display look ultra spooky and terrifying. By connecting a standard fog machine (sold separately), this skull pile seeps fog, lights up red, and emits haunting sounds, creating the ultimate graveyard atmosphere.

It’s sure to be the most talked-about decoration in town and will definitely make your friends and neighbors quiver with fear!

  • Includes:
    • 11 stacked fogging skulls
    • Fog machine hose
    • Activator
    • Volume control
  • Dimensions: 19.6 ” H x 11.4″ W x 19.6 ” W
  • Material: Resin, plastic, electron
  • Fog machine compatible


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Fogging Skull Pile
Fogging Skull Pile
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